Geologic map of the Patterson Pass quadrangle, Box Elder County, Utah and Elko County, Nevada (M-144)

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1:24,000 Geologic Maps

By: D. M. Miller, A. P. Lush, and J. D. Schneyer

The Patterson Pass quadrangle straddles the Utah-Nevada border in northwestern Utah and includes much of the central Pilot Range and a broad, west-sloping piedmont west of the Pilot Range. The north-trending fault block forming the Pilot Range is typical of the northern Basin and Range Province. The fault block is composed of two lithotectonic domains that are separated by a latest Eocene granitoid pluton, and a third domain flanks the range. South of the pluton, Mesozoic ductile deformation and metamorphism affected Late Proterozoic and Cambrian rocks. North of the pluton lie generally unmetamorphosed Ordovician to Permian carbonate strata. These northern rocks are broken by numerous high-and low-angle faults that mainly record Cenozoic extension of the upper crust. Flanking much of the Pilot Range are Eocene to Miocene volcanic and sedimentary rocks, which record development of structural basins during tectonic extension. Miocene to Quaternary basin and range normal faulting has produced the current physiography of the area.

Other Information:
Published: 1993
Pages: 20 p.
Plates: 2 pl.
Scale: 1:24,000
Location: Box Elder County
Media Type: Paper Map

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