Historic Tales of Utah

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From the rugged beauty and refined splendor of this vast state emerges a remarkable volume of personal recollections, narrative histories and astonishing stories. Explore the fortitude and cultural diversity behind the development of Utah through "Big Bill" Haywood, vilified by the New York Times as "the most feared figure in America." Experience compelling accounts of women bruised on the front lines of suffrage battles, enthralling stories of Chinese "paper sons and daughters" and heroic endeavors of Northern Ute firefighters. Celebrate downtown's "Wall Street of the West," the off-road cyclist known as the "Bedouin of the Desert" and Utah's love affair with sweets. Culled from her popular Salt Lake Tribune "Living History" column, award-winning author Eileen Hallet Stone uncovers captivating tales of ordinary people and their extraordinary contributions that shaped Utah history.

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