Hawaii Trails

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By Kathy Morey 

Hawaii's Big Island is an ideal destination for hikin. Its sparkling beaches, verdant rainforests, and still-active volcanoes are just some of the spectacular sites you'll see along its trails.

Discover some of Hawaii's Big Island's most spectacular sights!

Pele's magical haunt, the big island of Hawai'I encompasses spectacular and diverse landscapes, from shimmering bays to exhilarating 14,000-foot volcanoes. In this thoroughly updated new edition, choose from 58 hikes that explore Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Kaumana Caves, and Mauna Kea State Park, among other fabulous places. Discover black sand beaches, sea turtle coves, lava lanes, and rainforest valleys. Includes:

  • Trip maps and information on permits, trip distances, and difficulty
  • Fascinating details on Hawaii's history, local legends, geology, and plant and animal life
  • Clothing and equipment recommendations for staying safe and comfortable

Other Information:

Published July 2006
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