Geodes: Nature's Treasures

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Explore the Mysterious World of Geodes! Take a crack at geode science! Learn from two world renowned gemologists as they share their lifelong passion and knowledge of everything geodes, from their formation and occurrence to the amazing variety and beauty of these popular, world-class gemstones. -Visit the geode mines of Northern Mexico and Southern Brazil with Brad Cross. -Learn the geode mining process and how the astonishing treasures hidden inside are uncovered. -Meet the close cousins of geodes - thundereggs, septarians and concretions. -Travel with June Zeitner as she explores vast geode deposits throughout the Midwestern U.S. that provide a recorded history of the ancient seas that once covered the land. -Discover Florida s ocean harvest of unparalleled agatized geodes. -Over 140 full-color, detailed photos of diverse geode specimens. The most comprehensive and definitive book written on geodes of the Americas an indispensible reference for serious collectors and a delightful mineral exploration all, novice to expert.

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