Strawberry - Soldier Creek Reservoir

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Fishing Maps

The Strawberry - Soldier Creek Reservoir maps includes

  • Fish Habitat:
  • Weedbeds
  • Rock Rubble Reefs
  • Slab Rock
  • The outline of the lake
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Fishing Strategy and Fishing Suggestions
  • onshore brush and trees
  • facilities and roads

5-foot Underwater Depth Contours
Fish Habitats Identified: Rock rubble reefs, submerged weedbeds and brush
Fishing Locations and Fishing Strategy Included
Numerous GPS Coordinates Identified
Boat ramps, roads, campgrounds and facilities identified

This 2-sided map is printed onto a waterproof, tear-resistant plastic which folds to 9"x4" and unfolds to 3'x2'.


    Other Information:
    Location: Utah
    Type: Plastic Map

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