The Fire Smart Home Handbook: Preparing for and Surviving the Threat of Wildfire

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As climate change continues to wreak havoc on the environment, devastating wildfires, both natural and manmade, are increasing. The figure for average acres burned has increased from almost 2 million acres in 1992 to nearly 7 million in 2012, which set a new record with an average of 165 acres burned per fire. Things are heating up, but global warming isn't the only problem. Budgets for fire suppression have been slashed severely. The number of air tankers has decreased from 44 in 2002 to just 9 in 2012, which means fast attacks on fledgling fires will grow more difficult in the future. If you live in a wildland-urban interface, the zone between unoccupied and developed land, sooner or later fire will happen. Fortunately you can prepare for the worst, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. This highly detailed and practical reference guide will help you live more safely in the red zone and save you time and money along the way, providing multiple methods of risk mitigation along with the financial level of each action. Effectively prepping your land can even enhance the scenery and increase the value of your home. Learn how wildfires begin and behave, how to evaluate your property, what essential tools you'll need and what they will cost, how to prepare your land and home—including tips on how to avoid insurance nightmares—when to stay and fight, when it's time to evacuate, how to clean up after a fire event, and more. Even if you live in the middle of a suburb, the information on how fires start and spread and how to deal with insurance claims will prove enlightening and helpful. No one can guarantee that your house or land will survive if a major conflagration erupts, but you can greatly improve your odds with this book and a little preparation.

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