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Faded Footprints: The Lost Rhoades Mines and Other Hidden Treasures of the Uintahs

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By: George A. Thompson

Since its initial publication, Faded Footprints has become a classic, the recognized research guide for prospectors and treasure seekers in Utah's Uinta Mountains. Following the first edition, author George Thompson was contacted by literally thousands of readers having family journals or other records of first-hand accounts pertaining to the fabulous lost Rhoades Mine. Others have given here-to-fore unknown Spanish and Mexican maps or hand-drawn pioneer sketches of old trails and old places. In this greatly expanded and revised edition the author shares that newly acquired information, placing it in context with already known facts about the hidden treasures of the Uinta Mountains.

Nearly 200 photographs portray old mission sites, ancient mines, relics and artifacts, as well as recovered treasure; irrefutable evidence of Spanish penetration into the Utah mountains two centuries and more before arrival of the first Mountain Men and Mormon settlers. Among never before seen photos are cryptic treasure signs and symbols and the only photos ever taken inside the mysterious Water-Trap chamber at Treasure Hill. Two dozen rare and remarkable maps could be your waybill to lost treasure. Prospecting methods from ancient to modern are discussed, from dowsing and dipneedles to high-tech long-distance detectors, ground penetrating radar and in-fra red photography.

This new volume relates the legacy of the Uintas, the legendary mines and treasure caches which have lured adventurers into those forbidding and unknown mountains, rewarding a few with incredible wealth, but others with unexplained death. It is a treasure trove of legend and lore, an essential reference for every prospector, treasure hunter and adventurer; and a must for everyone fascinated with this little-known and exciting part of Utah history and its Spanish mining heritage.

Other Information:
Published: 2006
Pages: 206 p.

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