Coal Camps of Eastern Utah (Images of America)

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Images of America Series. Coal Camps of Eastern Utah

Nestled between the Wasatch Plateau and the Book Cliff Mountains, hundreds of feet underground, vast coal deposits make up the heart of Utah's coal country. This high-grade bituminous coal attracted the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad to the area, and small, company-owned towns sprang up everywhere coal could be accessed. Life in these camps was difficult at best, as the mines were dangerous and the threat of disaster was never far away. In spite of these hardships though, the residents, many of whom were foreign-born, enjoyed recreational activities at the local baseball diamonds, amusement halls, and confectioneries. Their lives were shaped by coal, but the coal camps shaped their souls. Eastern Utah's coal mining legacy continues today, and while most of these camps have disappeared, many of the people who lived there still call them home.

SueAnn Martell and the Western Mining and Railroad Museum

127 pages
Copyright 2008

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