Central Utah: Diverse Geology of a Dynamic Landscape (UGA-36)

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Utah Geological Association

Edited by: G. C. Willis, M. D. Hylland, D. L. Clark, and T. C. Chidsey, Jr.

The geology of central Utah creates unparalleled educational opportunities. Curious amateurs to seasoned explorationists find understanding by observing the plethora of geologic features and the intertwined relationships between stratigraphy, structure, and volcanism. Indeed, geologists from around the world come to study central Utah's ancient deltas, wave-dominated marine shorelines, Laramide uplifts, and thrusted crustal blocks. Piecing together its depositional and tectonic histories has been an ongoing challenge for geologists and geophysicists for many decades. The serious geoscientist would do well to visit central Utah time and time again. This publication explores the geologic features found throughout the region. Listed below are the articles found in the publication:

Structural geology of the central Utah thrust belt, by D. D. Schelling, D. K. Strickland, K. R. Johnson, and J. P. Vrona

Nature of the Cenozoic-Mesozoic contact in Sevier Valley and tectonic implications, by E. J. Cline and J. M. Bartley

Geologic overview of the Fish Lake Plateau, UTAH, by C. M. Bailey, M. S. Harris, and D. W. Marchetti

Classic geology and reservoir characterization studies of central Utah, by T. H. Morris, C. D. Morgan, M. T. Eckels, S. M. Ritter, and R. M. Faatz


Other Information:
Published: 2007
Pages: 540 p.
Location: Beaver County, Carbon County, Emery County, Garfield County, Juab County, Millard County, Piute County, Sanpete County, Sevier County, Utah County, and Wayne County
Media Type: Paper &CD-ROM Publication

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