A summary of the ground-water resources and geothermal hydrology of Grand County, Utah (C-99)

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Ground Water

By: C. Eisinger and M. Lowe

In Grand County, ground water has been withdrawn primarily from two types of aquifers: fractured rock and unconsolidated deposits. Some of the better water-yielding rock units are grouped together into nine aquifers, including: the Lower Paleozoic aquifer, the Cutler aquifer, the Wingate aquifer, the Navajo aquifer, the Entrada aquifer, the Morrison aquifer, the Dakota aquifer, the Wasatch aquifer, and the Parachute Creek aquifer.

This report summarizes published information regarding ground-water conditions in Grand County. During the preparation of this report we identified several types of information that are not presently available, but can be useful for evaluating ground-water resources, including: (1) structure contour maps showing the depth to aquifers, (2) isopach maps showing the thickness of aquifers, and (3) fracture domain maps showing the predominant orientations of rock discontinuities.

Other Information:
Published: 1999
Pages: 28 p.
Location: Grand County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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