The September 2, 1992 ML 5.8 St. George earthquake, Washington County, Utah (C-88)

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Earthquakes and Seismology

By: G. E. Christenson, editor

Ground shaking and slope failures were the dominant geologic effects associated with the September 2, 1992 St. George earthquake. Ground shaking caused damage to buildings in Hurricane, La Verkin, Washington, St. George, and other. A destructive landslide in the town of Springdale, called the Springdale landslide (previously termed the Balanced Rock Hills landslide) destroyed three homes in the Balanced Rock Hills subdivision and forced the temporary evacuation of condominiums and businesses around the periphery of the slide. Numerous rock falls throughout the region caused minor damage. The earthquake also produced liquefaction along the Virgin River and changes to the springs at Dixie Hot Springs.

On September 2-3, UGS geologists inspected the Springdale landslide, examined the Washington and Hurricane faults for evidence of surface fault rupture, and advised Washington County, Springdale Town, Utah Department of Transportation, and Utah Division of Comprehensive Emergency Management officials regarding potential dangers from the landslide. This publication details their observations and assessments.

Other Information:
Published: 1995
Pages: 41 p.
Location: Washington County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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