Annual Review and Forecast of Utah Coal: Production and distribution - 2008 (C-110)

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Coal Resources

By: M.D. Vanden Berg

Utah's coal industry remained steady in 2008 with production totaling 24.3 million short tons for the second straight year. Production losses resulting from the closure of Utah American's deep Aberdeen mine and difficult mining conditions at the company's West Ridge operation were made up for by increased production at Canyon Fuel's Dugout Canyon, Skyline, and SUFCO mines. With the economy running strong for most of the year, employment averages increased 4.5%, mostly on the anticipation of full-scale longwall mining at Hiawatha Company's Bear Canyon mine. The strong economy also helped the average price for a ton of Utah coal reach a 25-year high of $27.78. Distribution of Utah coal remained nearly steady in 2008 at 24.8 million tons, while out-of-state coal imports increased by 68%, with most coal going to the Bonanza power plant in eastern Utah.

Data for this report were gathered were gathered directly from coal producers and consumers, and comparisons were made to national data, news and company reports, and data from industry experts. This report uses the data to discuss the 2008 production of coal, as well as studying resources to discuss the possibility of reserve depletion.

Other Information:
Published: 2010
Pages: 37 p.
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Publication

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