Daily Water-Temperature Records for Utah Streams, 1944-68 (BDR-19)

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Water Rights and Water Resources

By: G. L. Whitaker

Temperature is an important and sometimes critical factor for many uses of water. Temperature affects the usefulness of the water for recreation, fish and wildlife propagation, industrial cooling, food processing, and manufacturing. Temperature also affects the ability of the water to accommodate biologic and vegetative types of life. The purpose of this report is to summarize in tabular form the water-temperature data that have been collected by the U.S. Geological Survey on a daily basis for streams in Utah. A few stream sites near the boundaries of Utah in neighboring States have been included. These sites are on streams which either flow out of or into Utah, and they may provide information of value in studies dealing with water quality in the State.

Other Information:
Published: 1970
Pages: 119 p.
Location: Utah Statewide
Media Type: Paper Publication

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