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Major Oil Plays in Utah and Vicinity (B-137)

Oil and Gas

By: Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., Compiler and Editor

One of the benefits of UtahÕs diverse geology is a wealth of petroleum resources. Three oil-producing provinces exist in Utah and adjacent parts of Wyoming, Colorado, and ArizonaÑthe thrust belt, Paradox Basin, and Uinta Basin. Utah produces oil from eight major ÒplaysÓ within these provinces. This 293-page bulletin describes concisely and in new detail each of these major oil plays. It provides Òstand aloneÓ play portfolios which include the following descriptions: (1) tectonic setting; (2) reservoir stratigraphy, thickness, and lithology; (3) type of oil traps; (4) rock properties; (5) oil and gas chemical and physical characteristics; (6) seal and source rocks including timing of generation and migration of oil; (7) exploration and production history; (8) case-study oil field evaluations; (9) reservoir outcrop analogs; (10) exploration potential and trends; and (11) maps of play and subplay areas. The bulletin will help petroleum companies determine exploration, land-acquisition, and field-development strategies; pipeline companies plan future facilities and pipelines routes; and assist with decisions and evaluations faced by landowners, bankers and investors, economists, utility companies, county planners, and numerous government resource management agencies.

Other Information:
Published: 2016
Pages: 294
Location: Utah & Vacinity
Media Type: Paper Publication

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