Geology of Northwestern Utah (UGA-34)

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Utah Geological Association
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Edited by: K. M. Harty and D. E. Tabet

Northwest Utah has been a geologically important area to the state since its earliest days of settlement. Because of its geological importance, this publication presents papers relating to the Great Salt Lake, mineral resources, and energy resources. The papers available in this compilation are listed below:

Forebulge Sourcing of the Mississippian Antler Foreland Basin System: The Tripon Pass Limestone of Northwestern Utah and North-Central Nevada, by M. Frye and K. A. Giles

Geology of the Rose Canyon Area, Salt Lake County, Utah – the Exhumed Flank of the Bingham Volcanic Center, by R. F. Biek

Gunnison Bay – Present Terminus of the Great Salt Lake Drainage Basin and Naturally Low Area of the Bonneville Basin, by G. Atwood

Transgressive Shoreline Landforms and Lithofacies Models of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, Utah, by M. A. Gregory, M. A. Chan, D. Currey, and I. Schofeld

Ground Water Sensitivity and Vulnerability to Pesticides, Northern and Central Wasatch Front, Utah, by M. Lowe and J. Wallace

Petroleum and Gas Occurrences and Development History in Box Elder County, Utah, by J. W. Gwynn

Bonneville Seabase – Geothermal Direct Use at Grantsville Warm Springs, Tooele County, Utah, by J. Allred and R. E. Blackett

Copper-Gold and Other Polymetallic Mineralization at the Dugway Mining District, Northern Dugway Range, Eastern Great Basin, Utah, by H. R. Klatt

Exploration of the Rio Tinto Gossan, North-Eastern Nevada: How Prospector S. Frank Hunt Discovered the Mountain City Copper Mine, by L. P. James

History, Geology, Production, and Mineral Resources of the Vipont Mine and Ashbrook Mining District, Box Elder County, Utah, by R. W. Gloyn and K. A. Krahulec

Travertine Fissure Veins of the Aragonite Mining Area, Cedar Mountains, Tooele County, Utah, by J. M. Prudden

Chemical Analyses of Selected Limestone, Silica, and Dolomite Samples Collected in Northwest Utah, by B. T. Tripp, M. Kirschbaum, M. D. Vanden Berg, A. Rupke, J. W. Gwynn, T. Boden, and R. E. Blackett

Analysis of Recent and Historical Salt-Crust Thickness Measurements and Assessment of Their Relationship to the Salt Laydown Project, Bonneville Salt Flats, Tooele County, Utah, by W. W. White, III, and M. Terrazas

Road Log for the Utah Geological Association 2006 Field Trip – the Geology of Northwest Utah by D. E. Tabet and D. L. Clark

Other Information:
Published: 2006
Pages: approximately 500 p.
Location: Beaver County, Box Elder County, Carbon County, Daggett County, Davis County, Juab County, Millard County, Morgan County, Salt Lake County, Summit County, Tooele County, Utah County, Washington County, and Weber County

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