Orogenic patterns and stratigraphy of north-central Utah and southeastern Idaho (UGA-14)

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Utah Geological Association

Edited by: G. J. Kerns and R. L. Kerns Jr.

It was 1953 when the Intermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists, one of the predecessors of the Utah Geological Association, conducted their fourth annual field conference through the north-central Utah and southeastern Idaho and produced a guidebook. Since then, numerous investigators have been added to and refined the work of those pioneering geologists, increasing the understanding of the complex geology of the area. This publication details those investigations. The papers included are listed below:

A brief history of the Cache Valley area, northeastern Utah and southeastern Idaho, by M. W. Wells

Geologic summary of the Crawford Mountains, Rich County, Utah and Lincoln County, Wyoming, by J. L. Baer

Depositional paleoenvironments and paleogeography of the Mississippian Lodgepole and Monroe Canyon formations (and equivalents), southeastern Idaho, by P. E. Isaacson, E. A. Measures and S. A. Siegmann

Ages of the Fish Haven and lowermost Laketown dolomites in the Bear River Range, Utah, by W. B. Leatham

Chart showing the major stratigraphic units used in southeastern Idaho and northern Utah, by M. E. MacLachlan

Preliminary notes on the paleozoic stratigraphy and structural geology of the Honeyville Quadrangle, northern Wellsville Mountain, Utah, by C. G. Oviatt

Conodont biostratigraphy and depositional history of the Lower Triassic Dinwoody Formation in the Meade Plate, southeastern Idaho, by R. K. Paull, R. A. Paull, and A. L. Anderson

Conodont biostratigraphy of a Lodgepole Limestone equivalent at Samaria Mountain, southeastern Idaho, by D.W. Wickwire, L. E. Davis and G. D. Webster

Salt detachments in the Jurassic Preuss Redbeds within the Meade and Crawford thrust systems, Idaho and Wyoming, by J. C. Coogan and W. A. Yonkee

Deformation history and displacement transfer between the Crawford and Meade thrust systems, Idaho-Wyoming Overthrust Belt, by J. P. Evans and J. P. Craddock

Structural geology between the Putnam thrust and the Snake River Plain, southeastern Idaho, by P. K. Link, G. B. LeFebre, K. R. Pogue and W. D. Burgel

Depth and timing of decollement extension, southern Portneuf Range, southeastern Idaho, by P. E. Sacks and L. B. Platt

Basement thrusting in north-central Utah: a model for the development of the northern Utah Highland, by T. W. Schirmer

Structural features within a segment of the Crawford thrust sheet, Raymond Canyon, Sublette Range, Lincoln County, Wyoming, by W. A. Shoemaker

Summary of oil and gas activity in northeastern Utah and southeastern Idaho, by K. Clem and K. W. Brown

Mineralization in the Fort Hall mining district, Bannock County, Idaho, by R. S. Darling

Wyoming trona in 1985, by R. E. Harris

Geology and gold mineralization of the South Pass Granite-Greenstone terrain, Western Wyoming (with a discussion on supracrustal rocks of the Wyoming Province of eastern Idaho, northern Utah and Wyoming), by W. D. Hausel

The South Crawford Mountain Prospect, Rich County, Utah: a case history, by V. D. Ott, E. C. Potter and K. R. Kreckel

Tectonic setting and petrography of Jurassic foreland Basin sandstones, Idaho-Wyoming-Utah, by T. E. Jordan

Geology and petrology of the Cub River diabase, a Late Pliocene differentiated mafic intrusion, northeastern Cache Valley, Idaho, by M. B. Winter

Water-level and water-quality changes in Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1843-1985, by T. Arnow

Early Ordovician eustatic sea-level changes in northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, by M. E. Taylor and J. E. Repetski

Triassic remagnetization of Lower Paleozoic rocks, Bear River Range, Utah-Idaho: a possible constraint of thermal history, by S. L. Gillett and M. E. Taylor

Geophysical interpretations east of Preston, Idaho, based on gravity and magnetic data, by S. R. Scheu

Overthrusts and stratigraphy in the Wasatch, Bear River, Crawford Ranges and Bear Lake Plateau, north-central Utah, by T. C. Chidsey, Jr., S. R. Crook and P. K. Link

Structure and stratigraphy of the Paris and Meade thrust plates and transition to the Basin and Range Province: Bear River, Preuss and Bannock Ranges, southeastern Idaho, by S. R. Crook, P. K. Link and T. C. Chidsey, Jr.

Hinterland structure, Paleozoic stratigraphy and duplexes of the Willard thrust system: Bannock, Wellsville and Wasatch Ranges, southeastern Idaho and northern Utah, by P. K. Link, S. R. Crook and T. C. Chidsey, Jr.

Other Information:
Published: 1985
Pages: 329 p.
Location: Box Elder County, Cache County, Davis County, Morgan County, Rich County, Salt Lake County, Summit County, Tooele County, and Weber County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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