Boater's Guide to Lake Powell

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By: Michael R. Kelsey

Featuring Hiking, Camping, Geology, History, and Archaeology.

"This book is about Lake Powell, located in the heart of the Colorado Plateau.  It’s main emphasis is on hiking, but also discussed are camping, geology, history and archaeology.  This book covers all areas of the lake with boater access including parts of Cataract Canyon, the San Juan River Arm, the Escalante River Inlet, Rainbow Bridge and Glen Canyon below the dam down to as far as Lee’s Ferry.   It has 47 detailed maps which show possible campsites, trails, Anasazi ruins and rock art.

For this new 6th Edition, many things have been added–to start with 72 more pages. The new stuff includes 6 Area Maps which show large segments of the lake and how all canyons in a particular region fit together.  Also added is the story of Cass Hite, then the history of the little pre-Lake Powell towns of Hite and White Canyon (and it’s pilot uranium mill) and the Happy Jack Mine.  In addition, and since there are now 2 books written about one of the early-day river runners, Bert Loper, his adventures have been told.  And perhaps  most importantly of all, the history of the Long Walk of the Navajos between 1864-’68; that’s when Kit Carson rounded up most of the Navajos and marched them to Fort Sumner in eastern New Mexico, then back 4 years later."

Other Information: 6th Edition
Published: 2016
Pages: 360

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