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The Davis County flood warning and information system

The Davis County flood warning and information system
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By: M. Lowe, S. R. Williams, and S. W. Smith

Extensive damage occurred in Davis County in 1983 and 1984 due to flooding and debris-flow events. As a result of these recent hazards events, Davis County has taken a number of steps to reduce the future impact of flooding and debris flow. These steps include stream-channel improvements and construction of debris basins, detention ponds, and large open and piped storm drains. Areas still exist in Davis County which are at future risk from floods and debris flows, however. In some areas, debris basins and detention ponds have not yet been constructed. Some canyons still pose a threat to downstream residents because of past development which is too close to stream channels. Also, there is always the threat of an extremely large debris-flow event or super storm (greater than 100-year event) which could exceed design criteria for debris-flow and flood-control structures.

To compliment Davis county's efforts to mitigate flooding and debris-flow hazards, a Flood Warning and Information System (ALERT) has been established which can be used to provide early warning of potential hazard events. This early warning can be used both to alert the public of impending danger, and to make decisions regarding emergency crew deployment. Besides early warning, the ALERT system is designed to provide accurate real-time information to be used in the prediction and control of weather-initiated events such as flooding, landsliding, and debris flows. This information can be used as a basis for future flood and debris-flow control design and master planning.

Other Information:
Published: 1989
Pages: 15 p.
Location: Davis County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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