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Fairview Lakes quadrangle, Utah

Fairview Lakes quadrangle, Utah
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By: G. G. Oberhansley

The eastern third of the Fairview Lakes quadrangle is included in the northern Wasatch Plateau coal field and contains important coal reserves in the Blackhawk Formation. This part of the coal field is expected to gain more importance as the demand for coal increases and as the easy-to-mine reserves in other areas are depleted.

Interest in possible petroleum accumulations in the Wasatch Plateau increased after discovery of natural gas in Carbon and Emery Counties. This resulted in drilling on two structures within the quadrangle, neither of which were productive in the Cretaceous section tested. However, lower formations that produce east of the plateau remain untested and may be of significant value.

Although the southwest part of the quadrangle had been mapped previously by Pashley as part of his study of geology of the western monoclinal flexure of the Wasatch Plateau, no recent detailed mapping of the Fairview Lakes quadrangle has been done. An interest in coal, petroleum and natural gas in this area prompted this more detailed investigation of the geology in the quadrangle.

Other Information:
Published: 1980
Pages: 8 p.
Plates: 1 pl.
Scale: 1:24,000
Location: Sanpete County
Media Type: Paper Map

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Fairview Lakes
Fairview Lakes
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