Engineering and environmental geology of southwestern Utah (UGA-21)

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Utah Geological Association

Edited by: K. M. Harty

Southwestern Utah has experienced rapid growth, particularly in Iron and Washington Counties, and a number of unfortunate experiences from the past show that a variety of geologic hazards (collapsible soils, floods, and landslides to name a few) are indeed present in the area selected for consideration by this publication. 25 excellent papers on a wide variety of engineering and environmental geologic topics can be found in this guidebook, each paper listed below:

1983 flood failures and repairs of DMAD and Gunnison Bend dams, by W. J. Palmer

Inventory of reservoir sites in the Virgin River Basin, by B. Everitt

Geological aspects of the Quail Creek dam failure, by C. Gourley

Geotechnical investigation and foundation design for the reconstruction of Quail Creek dam, by C. C. Payton

Engineering geology for design of the Kern River pipeline in southwestern Utah, by J. R. Keaton

Antelope fault crossing of the Kern River pipeline, Newcastle, Utah, by R.M. Robison and J. R. Keaton

Geologic hazards of the St. George area, Washington County, Utah, by G. E. Christenson

Landslide distribution and hazards in southwestern Utah, by K. M. Harty

The 1992 Truman Drive landslide, Santa Clara, Washington County, Utah, by M. Lowe

Earthquake hazards of southwestern Utah, by G. E. Christenson and S. J. Nava

Engineering geologic problems caused by soil and rock in southwestern Utah, by W. E. Mulvey

Identification, characterization, and mapping of collapsible soils in southwestern Utah, by K. M. Rollins, T. Williams, R. Bleazard, and R. L. Owens

Flooding in southwestern Utah, by W. R. Lund

Geology and the indoor-radon hazard in southwestern Utah, by B. J. Solomon

Environmental geophysical survey of radon-hazard areas in the southern St. George Basin, Washington County, Utah, by B. J. Solomon

Volcanic hazards of southwestern Utah, by M. Bugden

Physical extent, thickness, and quality of water of the principal aquifers, western Kane County, Utah, by L. E. Spangler

Hydrology of the Navajo aquifer in southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona, including computer simulation of ground-water flow and water-level declines that could be caused by proposed withdrawals, by V. N. Heilweil and G. W. Freethey

Stratigraphy of Escalante and Tropic deep culinary wells, by D. E. Aubrey

Preliminary results of using hydrogeologic mapping to delineate protection areas around Sheep Spring, Washington County, Utah, by M. E. Jensen and M. Lowe

An interpretation of the water chemistry and hydrogeology of Skull Valley, Tooele County, Utah, by T. C. Chidsey, Jr.

Recent exploration and development of geothermal energy resources in the Escalante Desert region, southwestern Utah, by R. E. Blackett and H. P. Ross

Abandoned mine reclamation and mining history in southwestern Utah, by M. A. Wright

Geology and mine reclamation studies, iron mines near Cedar City, Utah, by D. L. Whiting, J. D. Grover, Jr., and W. R. Benson

Evidence for a Tertiary low-angle shear zone, Red Hills, Utah, with implications for a regional shear zone in the adjacent Colorado Plateau, by F. Maldonado, E. G. Sable, and J. J. Anderson

Road log, day 1 - Washington County, by R. C. Rasely, M. A. Wright, G. E. Christenson, B. J. Solomon, M. Lowe, B. Everitt, C. Gourley, and C. C. Payton

Road log, day 2 - Iron County, by R. C. Rasely, R. M. Robison, D. Whiting, M. A. Wright, K. M. Harty, and K. M. Rollins

Other Information:
Published: 1992
Pages: 342 p.
Location: Beaver County, Garfield County, Iron County, Juab County, Kane County, Millard County, Piute County, Sevier County, Tooele County, and Washington County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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