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Lead and zinc publications for Utah: a collection of reprints (OFR-466)


Contains reprints of 10 out of-print items concerning uranium/vanadium. The CD contains the following publications:

C-9 Initial report on the Lead Ore mine, Tooele County, Utah, by A. M. Buranek, 1942, 6 p.

C-10 Preliminary report on the Milljohn silver-lead claim, Fish Springs District, Juab County, Utah, by A. L. Crawford and A. M. Buranek, 1942, 8 p.

OFR-22 Lead and zinc in Utah, 1976, by L. I. Perry and B. M. McCarthy, 1977, 525 p.

SS-44 Lead and zinc resources in Utah, by A. H. James, 1973, 66 p.

UGA-7 Tintic Mining District, Juab and Utah Counties, Utah, by H. T. Morris and A. P. Mogensen, in Guidebook to Mineral districts of Southwestern Utah, edited by D. R. Shawe and P. D. Rowley, 1978, p. 41-47

UGA-7 Geology of the Ophir Mining District, Utah, by R. D. Rubright, in Guidebook to Mineral districts of Southwestern Utah, edited by D. R. Shawe and P. D. Rowley, 1978, p. 35-39

UGA-10 Sulfide ore deposits related to thrust faults in northern Utah, by L. P. James, in Overthurst Belt of Utah, 1982 Symposium and Field Conference, edited by D. L. Nielson, 1982, p. 91-100

USGS Bulletin 1135-B Oxidized zinc deposits of the Untied States, Part 2: Utah, by A. V. Heyl, 1963, 104 p., 9 pl.

U.S. Bureau of Mines RI-4170 Lead, zinc, silver, copper, bismuth deposits, south Hecla mine, Alta, Salt Lake County, Utah, by J. I. Kasteler and J. H. Hild, 1948, 8 p.

U.S. Bureau of Mines RI-4953 Investigation of lead-zinc deposits at the Harrington-Hickory mine, Beaver County, Utah, by J. W. Townsend, 1953, 20 p.

Other Information:
Published: 466
Pages: 759 p.
Plates: 9 pl.
Location: Beaver County, Box Elder County, Cache County, Daggett County, Emery County, Iron County, Juab County, Millard County, Morgan County, Piute County, Salt Lake County, Sanpete County, Sevier County, Summit County, Tooele County, Uintah County, Utah County, Wasatch County, Washington County, and Weber County

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