Commonly Asked Questions About Utah’s Great Salt Lake and Ancient Lake Bonneville (PI-104)
By: Jim Davis, J. Wallace Gwynn, and Andrew Rupke This second edition of Commonly Asked Questions about Great Salt Lake and Ancient Lake Bonneville follows more than a quarter-century after the first edition. When the original was published in 1996, Great...
Major levels of Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonneville (M-73)
By: D. R. Currey, G. Atwood, and D. R. Mabey Great Salt Lake has intrigued and challenged the explorers, tourists, petroleum geologists, mineral extractors, brine-shrimp harvesters, transportation engineers, health professionals, wildlife biologists, meteorologists, climatologists, hydrologists, geologists, urban planners, and government...
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The Great Salt Lake
By: Dale L. Morgan The Great Salt Lake is a remarkable book, written by a remarkable man. After the passage of nearly a half-century, it remains one of the most informative and readable general histories of Utah yet written; a...
Ancient Lake Bonneville from 18,000 to 16,000 B.P. Wall Map
By: Buck Ehler Lake Bonneville has inspired, intrigued, and fascinated countless people since the first map depicting its maximum extent was published in G.K. Gilbert's Lake Bonneville monograph in 1890.  Were it not for the prominent Bonneville, Provo, and other...
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The Spiral Jetty Encyclo: Exploring Robert Smithson's Earthwork through Time and Place
Copublished with the Tanner Trust Fund, J. Willard Marriott Library.Robert Smithson’s earthwork, Spiral Jetty (1970), an icon of the Land Art movement of the 1960s and 1970s, is located on the northern shores of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Smithson built...
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Great Salt Lake Regional Book of Facts and Exploration
By: Alan Millard Pictorial wraps. Featuring area history, geology, ecology and culture.  Other Information: 2005. First edition.Paperback. 125pp.
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