Geology and geologic hazards of Tooele Valley and the West Desert hazardous industry Area, Tooele County, Utah (SS-96)

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General Geology

By: B. D. Black, B. J. Solomon, and K. M. Harty

Geologic hazards are naturally occurring geologic processes that present a risk to life and property. Tooele County is subject to many geologic hazards that need to be identified and considered prior to development. This report provides hazards information for two areas in Tooele County: (1) Tooele Valley, the most populous part of the county and a rapidly developing area; and (2) the West Desert Hazardous Industry Area (WDHIA), an administrative unit established for waste treatment and storage.

The geologic-hazards maps show where hazards may exist, to inform citizens of potential risk and enable local government officials to make responsible planning decisions. The maps are general, and site-specific studies are needed to demonstrate site suitability. Commonly used methods for hazard reduction include avoidance or engineering solutions. Acceptance of a hazard is also an option where it poses a low level of risk, although this method does not reduce the hazard.

Other Information:
Published: 1999
Pages: 65 p.
Plates: 6 pl.
Scale: 1:100,000
Location: Tooele County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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