Interim map showing shear-wave-velocity characteristics of engineering geologic units in the Salt Lake City, Utah metropolitan area (OFR-424)

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Engineering Geology
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By: F. X. Ashland and G. N. McDonald

Empirical correlation between earthquake ground-motion amplification and the average shear-wave velocity in the upper 30 meters below the ground surface (Vs30) provides the basis of the site classes in the International Building Code. This knowledge allows engineers to estimate site-class effects. The report notes Vs30 for previously mapped engineering geologic units in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. We provide maps showing the mean and range in Vs30 for three Quaternary units, discuss the distribution of and variation in Vs30, and include characteristic shear-wave-velocity profiles. For two other Quaternary and three bedrock units lacking shear-wave-velocity profiles, we provide Vs30 estimates and discuss the methods used to characterize Vs30.

This CD-ROM consists of the shear-wave-velocity map at a scale of 1:75,000 and an accompanying 43-page report, both.

Other Information:
Published: 2003
Pages: 43 p.
Plates: 1 pl.
Scale: 1:75,000
Location: Salt Lake County

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