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Coal Studies

Coal Studies
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Edited By: F. D. Davis, H. H. Doelling, A. D. Smith, D. L. Hayhurst, J. R. Hatch, R. H. Affolter, J. M. Mercier, and T. W. Lloyd

This CD contains the texts of three out-of-print publications, all discussing coal drilling and coal information for different areas throughout the state. Publications on this CD are listed below:

B-112 Coal drilling at Trail Mountain, North Horn Mountain and Johns Peak areas, Wasatch Plateau, Utah, by F. D. Davis and H. H. Doelling, 1977, 60 p., 6 pl.

SS-49 Coal studies, 1979, 102 p., 1 pl.

SS-54 Utah coal studies II, 1981, 44 p.

Other Information:
Published: 1977-1981 (digital copy 2002)
Pages: 236 p.
Plates: 7 pl.
Location: Utah
Media Type: CD-ROM Publication

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