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Oil and Gas Fields Map of Utah

Oil and Gas Fields Map of Utah
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By: Rebekah E. Wood and Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr.

1:700,000-scale map of Utah's oil, gas, and CO₂ fields (past and present); oil gas and CO₂ pipelines with operators; field designations; names and ages of the reservoir rocks; oil refineries and natural gas processing plants; park boundaries and other geographical attributes; and some surficial geologic features. This map is to be used for a general overview and reference for hydrocarbon resources, production, transportation, and processing in Utah.

Other Information:
Published: 2015
Pages: N/A
Plates: 1
Scale: 1:700,000

Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper

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Strawberry Point
Mount Pennell
Strawberry Point Mount Pennell